The Trailer was made by Barbara Schröer

DUNKELDORF-Theatre Production 

Dunkeldorf is a theater production for which Barbara Schröer my colleague and video artist and I created the video work together. Its a 7 screens installation with 3  NDI Cameras and one in person Live Camera as an actor on stage (Barbara Schröer).

We create the video concept and preproduced additional video material for the screens.

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With: Julia Dillmann, Azize Flittner, Daniel Fries, Jonathan Schimmer, Alexander Steindorf as well as Barbara Schröer.

Direction, Concept: Christof Seeger-Zurmühlen 

Space, Costum: Simone Grieshaber 

Text, Dramaturgy: Juliane Hendes 

Composition: Bojan Vuletić 

Video: Julia Franken & Barbara Schröer 

Production Collaboration: Nastasia Radtke 

Space and Costum Collaboration: Leonie Ohlow 

Technical Coordination: Philippe Waldecker 

Sound Design: Philipp Kaminsky, Avelina Ost, Sandra Zawada 

Production Management: Melissa Müller

A city play

Text by Juliane Hendes based on true events in Düsseldorf

July 27, 2000, 3:03 p.m., Düsseldorf: A bomb explodes at the Wehrhahn S-Bahn station, injuring ten people, some of them seriously. An unborn child dies. The victims had just arrived in the country as Aussiedler:innen and so-called contingent refugees, many of them of Jewish faith. From one day to the next, they lost their hopes, perspectives and sense of security as a result of this brutal act of violence – until today. Since the devastating attack, now 23 years ago, two major phases of investigation, a commission of inquiry, a court case and countless discussions in urban society have only led to more questions. Where is the justice?